Offering custom Honeywell Solutions

To ensure that you can enjoy the maximum benefit from these control options, Panco, Inc. has earned the designation of Honeywell Automation Controls Integrator (ACI). Only select contractors who complete comprehensive Honeywell training are qualified to engineer, install and service Honeywell products and systems.

Choosing the right contractor for your building is much the same as choosing the right building controls. That's why Honeywell teams up with authorized contractors like us. We bring the benefits of local experience in design, installation and service to you. And Honeywell brings you the world's leading Direct Digital Control technology in a system that is flexible, easy to use, upgradeable and cost-effective to operate.


The EXCEL 5000© system modular products offer you a flexible, easy-to-use and cost-effective building control system. With the EXCEL 5000© system you can fully integrate climate control, lighting and security for maximum comfort and efficiency or add capabilities as your building's needs grow.


In order to manage the EXCEL 5000© system conveniently, Honeywell offers SymmetrE©. SymmetrE© is an environment where you can easily manage all aspects of your Energy Management System. You can control time of day schedules, change setpoints for temperature control, and monitor your equipment status from a centralized location. Panco, Inc. also uses the built-in graphics capability of SymmetrE© to design custom graphics for your specific applications. You can pull up floor plans, get snap-shots of temperatures, or view specific unit details. The customization options are nearly endless!