Putting Our Customers First

Our primary service at Panco, Inc. is Customer Service. This means that we will be there for you even after your system is installed and running.


With most new systems, we understand there is a learning curve. Our technicians will answer any operational questions that they can. You can also ask us about scheduling a training session where we show you how to operate your system. Often, our customers bring not just the operators of the system in to learn, but also the maintenance personnel who will depend on the information provided. This allows an over-all greater understanding of the system, and also provides efficiency when addressing problems that do pop up. It also gives our customer a chance to meet with our people first hand.

Support for the People in the Field

There are times where the maintenance people in the field might not be sure of something they are seeing with the system. Using the information provided on our Contact Page, your technicians can call on us to answer those questions. Many of our customers choose to allow us remote access to the energy management system. By doing this, we are able to see first hand what the operator is seeing, and in turn, we are able to correct minor mistakes without the expense of creating an actual service call.

After Hours Support

We realize that sometimes trouble pops up after everyone has gone home for the day. Using the information found on our Contact Page, you can reach a member of our staff around the clock. We have personnel on-call 24 hours a day. Using remote access, if granted by the customer, we often clear up any trouble before the day shift clocks in the next morning. At the very least, the ball is already rolling to address the problem! We also have dial-in stations for select systems that automatically let us know of any alarms.